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Gray Jay Press-Hiker's Guide to the Elko, NV Area

Hiker's Guide; Trails in the Elko Area

Guide to hikes in the Ruby Mountains and northeastern Nevada

(spiral bound)

(Actual book mailed from Gray Jay)

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Table of Contents

East Humboldt Mountains
#1: Chimney Rock
#2: Hikes Beyond Angel Lake - Kids Hike
#3: Winchell Lake

Elko County
#4: Mill Creek in Independence Mountains
#5: Meteorite Impact Craters - Early and Kid's Hike
#6: South Fork Canyon - Early Hike

Ruby Mountains
#7: John Day Canyon
#8: Soldier Basin
#9: Seitz Canyon
#10: Griswold Lake
#11: Ruby Dome
#12: Overland Lake

Lower Lamoille Canyon
#13: Right Fork Canyon
#14: Lamoille Falls - Early and Kids Hike
#15: Higher Water Falls - Early Hike
#16: Thomas Canyon - Early and Kids Hike
#17: Water Flume - Early Hike

Upper Lamoille Canyon
#18: Lamoille Lake Trail for Kids
#19: Hiking for Flowers
#20: Get Off the Trail!
#21: Island Lake - Kids Hike
#22: Beyond Liberty Pass
#23: Nameless Lakes
#24: Ruby Crest Trail

Thoughts on Hiking
Why Backpack?
What’s in a Back Pack?
Multiplied by 1000
Answers to Trivia Questions

About the Author

Gray Jay Press- Ruby Mountains Island Lake Hike
Island Lake Trail overlooking main road


Information on the Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail!

Hike descriptions in the Ruby Mountains, East Humboldt Range, Independence Mountains and other areas.
Area photographs.
Thoughts on hiking by the author.
Hikes available early in the year and hikes for kids.

Each hike description includes:
Topo Map.
Difficulty Level.
Distance and Elevation Gain.
Access, Dangers, Attractions and Best Seasons.
Trivia questions on the outdoors.